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Every aspect of our social lives has changed with the emergence of Covid-19. Many of us are working from home, distancing from extended family and friends and only venturing out for necessities.

Many families that were on the cusp of separation/divorce before the Covid-19 isolation are now wondering: can we separate during a pandemic?

The short answer: Yes – you can – with a caveat.

The courts are currently only hearing “urgent” cases. If you think your case may be urgent – it’s best to seek the advice of a family lawyer.

For those cases that are not “urgent”, luckily, just because the courts are closed, does not mean you are without options! Families who don’t have “urgent” cases can still resolve their cases in mediation.

Mediation particularly, is a great process for families to keep their separation amicable and cost-effective. At Divorce Mediation Ontario, we have come up with really creative solutions on how to divide your property, look for a new home and create a parenting plan all while maintaining your health and safety during this time.

We are not sure how long this virus will last; but what is most important is that the overall health and well-being of your family unit, is a priority. If separation/divorce is the right choice for your family, no need to delay.

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Sep 24, 2021

My wife and I 13 years are a downward spiral 🌀 due to COVID 19 . She’s vaccinated I’m not but a pressure of deciding with our soon to be 12 year old daughter and a son 9 that don’t have that pressure just yet . She can do things like a 1st class citizen and I am like a 2 nd class citizen . its different lifestyles now because of it and it’s getting worse by the day .

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