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Improve Co-Parenting Through Family Mediation

I strongly believe that if you have children, even though you're going through a separation/divorce you're always going to be family - you're just going to look a little different.

Many parents separate because of communication issues. But if you have children you will likely still have to communicate post-separation. Mediation is the only forum where parents can work on the legal aspects of a divorce (support/custody/property division) but also talk about their communication issues.

For families who request it, we can create a communication protocol in mediation that will promote co-operation and positivity. The communication protocol can be as detailed and tailored to the co-parents as needed. Common details of a communication protocol include:

  • email etiquette - to the point, respond within 24 hours;

  • sharing information about the child regularly;

  • for higher conflict parents - keeping communication to email only;

  • avoid criticism and blame in communications

Communication may not have worked for couples when they were together but through the separation process you can create a foundation of mutual respect & positive communication.

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